Move From Contraction
to Expansion



    What Is the Format?

    The workshop has been previously recorded, so you have the ease of watching anytime!

    The workshop includes a discourse on your energy body, how to recognize when your energy needs realigning, and strategies to do just that!

    There is also a dreamy guided energy realignment/meditation/healing session. This is my absolute favorite part, as you will get to experience the feeling of your energy shifting states, to allow more ease, flow, abundance, and joy into your experience.


    What Will I Need for the Workshop?

    You will need a stable internet connection, and something to take notes with if you wish! An open heart is also encouraged :).


    How Long Is the Workshop?

    The workshop is just over an hour, and includes simple and effective strategies that will instantly recalibrate your energy.

    Plus, a lovely guided energy alignment/healing session closes out the workshop.


    What Is the Cost?

    This workshop costs $49! Once you sign up, you will receive instant access, plus unlimited replays!

    You can rewatch this workshop any time you are feeling uneasy, and want to realign your energy into an expanded state.

    You can enroll here.

This workshop is perfect if you are:


✓ Newly curious about energy healing, or have an established practice.

✓ Have been feeling stressed, anxious, worried, or overwhelmed, and are ready to consciously shift into an empowered state.

✓ Interested in learning simple and effective strategies that will immediately elevate, and realign your energy.

✓ Ready release the unconscious patterns that have been holding you back.


I cannot wait for you to feel this beautiful, healing energy flowing to you, and through you!