Digital Reiki Certification Course

Reiki School:Level One

Learn the sacred art of Usui Reiki Level One in this digital, on-demand course, led by Sarah. Heal yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally through this profound energy healing practice.

What's Included:


    Five Video Modules +

    ✨Module One: Reiki Level One & Energy Healing✨

    Learn the art of Usui Reiki Level One, and how to channel this powerful energy. Heal yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually through this sacred practice.

    ✨Module Two: Connecting With Your Intuitive Gifts✨

    Everyone has intuitive gifts! In this module, you will explore how to best connect with your inner wisdom and guidance, so that you can live the best life possible. As Louise Hay says, “all that I seek is already within me.”

    ✨Module Three: Practical Reiki Applications✨

    Create a Reiki, and energy healing practice that works for you! Learn how to use Reiki to align your energy for the day, release tension in the body, purify and clear your energy, and so much more.

    ✨Module Four: Chakra System & the Energy Body✨

    Learn all about the chakra system and your energy body, so that you can identify any blocks, and work towards a balanced, consistent energy. Feel good from the inside, out!

    ✨Module Five: Ritual & Sustaining Your Reiki Practice✨

    Create rituals that will support you beyond Reiki School! Learn how to create micro goals, and cultivate a wellness practice that you can take with you, after you graduate.


    Reiki Attunement Led by Sarah +

    An energy attunement creates a wider channel, for more healing energy to flow. In this attunement lead by Sarah, you will connect deeply with the powerful vibration of Reiki, and attune it’s lifelong benefits.


    Five Guided Meditations +

    A guided meditation accompanies most modules, and allows you to accelerate your Reiki practice, and facilitate your learning, and healing on a deeper level. 



    Ten Worksheets +

    Two worksheets accompany each module, and help you to deepen your connection to your inner guidance, and create practical steps for healing, and moving forward in a positive way.


    Reiki Level One Certificate +

    Upon successful completion of the course, and final assessment, you will become certified in the Usui Reiki: Level One! 


    Additional Resources +

    Three downloadable guides to facilitate learning on your own time. These include Reiki Level One hand positions, Chakra Guide, and a Chakra Symbols Guide.


    Instant and Lifetime Access +

    ✨Instant access to the entire course as soon as you enroll.

    ✨Flexibility to complete the course on your own schedule, in your own timing.

    ✨Plus, you will have lifetime access, and receive any future course updates.

This offering is straight from my heart!✨❤️. You deserve to live a joyful, abundant, and inspiring life!

If you feel called to join me, you can enroll below.