Energy Healing Workshop

Support From

All of the stability that you seek can be found within! Learn strategies to help you connect with your inner support, and realign your energy in this powerful Energy Healing Workshop.

What's Included:


    Support From Within Training +

    In the training component of the workshop, you will receive strategies on how to cultivate a deep support, and sense of stability for yourself. Once practiced over time, you will be able to maintain your stability & positive outlook despite what is going on around you.

    “I support myself always, in all ways.”


    Guided Energy Alignment +

    In the energy alignment component of the workshop, you will guided through an energetic recalibration. This serves to release energetic blocks, and tune your field to welcome in more support & stability!

    The Support From Within energy alignment includes an activation of uplifting reiki energy, coupled with grounding earth energy.



    Post Alignment +

    After you have completed the guided energy alignment, you will be debriefed on how to continue to nurture and care for yourself.

    Some very deep healing takes place during the recalibration, so it’s important to continue to foster your well-being after the workshop has been completed!


    Unlimited Replays+

    Receive instant access when you sign up! Plus, this workshop is yours for life, so you will be entitled to any updates, and can watch anytime you need to realign your energy.


    Preview the Workshop +

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I cannot wait for you to feel this beautiful, healing energy flowing to you, and through you!