Reiki & Energy Healing

Hi! I'm Sarah, and I would love to uplift and inspire you.

I am an Intuitive Reiki Master and have worked with countless clients to help them create a life beyond their wildest dreams. My services combine the spiritual (re-centering & balancing your energy, releasing blocks) with the practical (tangible steps & focus for moving forward) to give you a comprehensive healing & a way forward. I truly believe that we are meant to lead joyful lives and am passionate about helping my clients get there.

I put my whole heart into each session. From creating a custom crystal grid to amplify healing, to curating high-vibe content that is unique to each client. It’s safe to say that no two healing sessions are the same.

What's Included:


    One-on-one spiritual coaching/energy reading via phone

    up to 15 minutes ~good vibes only~


    Reiki Meditation with custom affirmation

    Designed to encourage a state of peace & deep relaxation


    Distance reiki session

    Facilitate healing and infuse your physical and energetic body with well-being


    One follow-up email

    includes high-level guidance on how to continue to release energetic blocks and move forward in a productive way. The content will be designed specifically to maintain the good vibes we fostered while working together.

At the moment, I am not accepting clients, but if you’re interested in reiki and would like to learn how to channel the power of this transformational energy, check out more about Reiki School: Level One below.

Plus, Reiki School: Level One includes a Guided Reiki meditation–so it’s like we get to work together in this amazing way!